MORGANROSE is South Africa’s largest online retailer of adult novelty products for sexual health and wellness, including sex toys ranging from discreet and portable vibrators to the more modern, high-tech male sex toys, lingerie and everything in between. We have a trusted team who are driven by 100% customer satisfaction. 

At MORGANROSE our goal is to create a fun and comfortable online space where people of all sexualities and genders can feel secure buying whatever tickles their fancy. Embracing our client's diversity is an essential part of our philosophy.  We know that’s a mouthful (pun intended) but we really mean it. You should be able to buy whatever sex toys you want in the privacy of your own home, safely and securely.

We want to give you the widest selection of sex toys so we’ve teamed up with some of the top vendors in the world to give you anything that you desire: vibrators, anal toys, dildos and more. Sometimes you need (more than) a hand to get off and we’ll help you get there! Customers are our #1 priority. We work hard to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Not happy? Something went wrong? We’ll work overtime to make sure you get what you need and come out feeling fantastic.

From day one, we have focused on providing the best customer service and value for the consumer. By lowering operating costs, we are able to extend the best prices to our customers. Our secure website ensures a worry-free online shopping experience in our web store.

With sales across Africa, we have formed partnerships with PostNet and strategic couriers to get the product delivered to our customers in record time - and at the lowest cost, while keeping the customer informed of their order status every step along the way via email.

We aim to screw the taboo associated with sex toys. MORGANROSE is taking a fun, humorous approach to the bedroom. Life isn’t serious, sex shouldn’t be either.

Thanks for considering us for your naughty needs!