Sexual Enhancers

Sexual Enhancers

Sexual Enhancers

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Andro Vita Pheromone Men Scented - 30ml SOLD OUT

Andro Vita Pheromone Men Scented - 30ml

A male scent created from unmatched aromas gives Andro Vita For Men Pheromones its distinctive character. The actual secret lies in the use of diligently picked pheromones, which exert a subliminal ef..

R 1,046.00

Andro Vita Pheromone Women Scented - 2ml

Andro Vita Pheromone for Women features an exclusive blend of highly concentrated pheromones that is super powerful in low doses. ..

R 130.00

Hot XXL Creme For Men - 50ml SOLD OUT

Hot XXL Creme For Men - 50ml

Whoever said, 'size doesn't matter' obviously had no problems with their own package! But almost every woman will tell you that they like it large! For that very same reason, the XXL Cream for men by ..

R 385.00

Shunga Dragon Virility Cream - 60ml

Performance for HIM, Pleasure & Orgasms for HER. The intense Ā«fire and ice sensationĀ» for lovers. This exclusive formula made from natural extracts helps men unleash all the power and energy from ..

R 736.00

Shunga Orgasm Cream Secret Garden - 30ml

Shunga female orgasm enhancing cream will take you to new breath-taking levels. Use it solo, for your own clitoral pleasure or with your partner, to reach new climactic heights. ..

R 1,038.00