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SToys Cynthia Vibrator - Blue

The Cynthia G-Spot Vibrator from SToys is a wonderful starter toy if you’re new to sex toys.It has the classic g-spot shape, with a slight curve to the tip and a flat head designed to gently massage t..

R 568.00

Swan Commotion Rhumba - Raspberry SOLD OUT

Swan Commotion Rhumba - Raspberry

Rhumba will have you moving all night long! With 4 beads driving up and down, this vibrator offers a unique movement that creates exquisite unwavering pleasure. Tease your G-spot with the bulging tip,..

R 1,579.00

Swan Commotion Samba – Plum

Get moving with Samba!These smooth curves rotate and twist with power and ease, in 3 distinct areas of the shaft. The combination of the internal movement, along with the all encompassing triple cl..

R 1,339.00

Swan Eternal Strap-On SOLD OUT

Swan Eternal Strap-On

The Eternal Swan is a strapless strap-on vibrator, which is best suited for lesbian couples.The shorter end is worn inserted into the vagina, and requires fairly strong pelvic muscles to hold and cont..

R 443.00

Swan Mini Wand

The Mini Swan Wand is a luxurious compact vibe gaining its inspiration from the mega successful Swan Wand. Beautiful in design, extraordinary in power, the Mini Swan Wand is perfect for someone on the..

R 1,192.00

Swan Naked Addiction - 8" Rotating Vibrator

This realistic rotating dildo is just as satisfying as a penis, but features some exciting improvements on the real thing – like a rotating tip, multispeed vibrations and a climax mode for instant sti..

R 1,880.00

Swan Naked Addiction 9" Thrusting Vibrator On Special

Swan Naked Addiction 9" Thrusting Vibrator

The Swan Naked Addiction Thrusting Vibrator is a 9” thrusting dong is made with Platinum Cured IncrediFeel™ silicone that is unbelievably soft to the touch, yet firm where needed and provides you with..

R 3,270.00 R 2,499.00

Swan Palm Power Pocket Rechargeable Massager

The latest addition to the Palmpower collection of power-packed vibrators is incredibly cute, we agree! But, will cuteness alone get you off dear clit Diva's? The answer, absolutely YES! The Pock..

R 894.00

Swan Palm Power Rechargeable Massager On Special

Swan Palm Power Rechargeable Massager

No toy collection is complete without a massager, and frankly, this should be the first toy in the proverbial toolbox. The PalmPower has long been an absolute favourite with customers all over the wor..

R 1,539.00 R 1,399.00

Swan Pillow Talk Cheeky Wand

Pillow Talk is a collection that expresses beauty, fun and power. Cheeky effortlessly embodies each of these traits in a luxurious wand you’ll want to take to bed night after night. Every meticulously..

R 1,539.00

Swan Pillow Talk Flirty

“Pillow Talk” is a collection of Sex Toys that expresses beauty, fun and power and the Flirty Vibe is no exception.Always be ready to give yourself the best orgasms by keeping this luxurious ..

R 916.00

Swan Pillow Talk Sassy Swarovski

“Pillow Talk” is a  collection of Sex Toys that expresses beauty, fun and power and the Sassy Vibe is no exception.Give yourself a well-deserved, luxurious night of pleasure with this b..

R 1,054.00