Fleshlight Girls Tori Black - Torrid

Fleshlight Girls Tori Black - Torrid

The Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Torrid Male Masturbator is part of the Fleshlight Girls collection. Discover the irresistible pleasure of the Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Torrid Masturbator.  Fleshslight is the worlds best selling sex toys for men. The male strokers are great quality and provide orgasmic stimulation. Tantalize and tease your member with this super-textured sleeve. Combining ridges, pumps, rings and chambers to create a completely unique sensation.

The Torrid is a full-sized Fleshlight sleeve that divides into five separate compartments, separated by soft ‘flaps’ which part to allow entry. Each ‘chamber’ inside the sleeve has a different shape and a different set of bumps, ridges and textures.  As Torrid is a Fleshlight Girls model, it’s orifice is an exact replica of Tori Black’s vulva.

The entrance is approximately 0.4” (1 cm) in diameter, which makes it feel quite tight. It widens into the first of the five sections, which is spotted with small raised bumps. The second chamber is covered with more bumps, larger and rounder than those in the first. The disc shaped protrusions in the third chamber are larger and extend more deeply into the canal, which is a contrast to the fourth chamber’s smaller and more widely spaced bumps. The final sections ramps up the intensity once again, with larger lumps that resemble those in the third chamber.

How does Tori Black Fleshlight feel?

One of the favorite features of the Torrid is the tight opening. It grips really well as you enter. The flaps dividing the separate compartments also provide extra pressure and stroke the head of the penis in a tantalizing way as it slides through them.

The chambers are a little wider but still provide a good stimulation when you move.

The varying tightness of the Torrid sleeve makes for an amazing feeling as you move in and out. The sleeve feels intense for men with bigger penises and the flaps will provide sensations also for the less endowed men.

The different textures in the different sections make using Torrid quite interesting. You can spend minutes exploring one or two sections with small strokes, before moving on to a different sensation.

It’s the perfect toy for longer masturbation sessions, where a gradual buildup is as important as the climax.

As the Torrid is a full-sized Fleshlight, most of us cannot reach the last chamber. But don’t fret, its texture is very similar to the third section.

The napped and ribbed structure provides an intense stimulation when you let your penis glide inside. The firm casing makes sure you have a good grip and at the same time provides a discreet look.  The removable sleeve can easily be cleaned with water and a toy cleaner.

Fleshlight Girls Tori Black Torrid Features:

  • Very realistic
  • Good quality
  • Firm, discreet casing
  • Model: Tori Black
  • Removable sleeve
  • Ribbed and napped on the inside
  • Insertion Depth 20cm
  • Total Length 25cm



Design Silicone Waterproof

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