Lux Fetish Hogtie Set 5pcs

Lux Fetish Hogtie Set 5pcs

The Lux Fetish 5-Piece Hogtie Set is a couples' dream!

Perfect for BDSM beginners and intermediate players, the 5-Piece Hogtie Set allows easy and comfortable restraint.

Take full control of your partner while he or she is secured in positions that you never thought possible. Erotic play will never be the same again!

Put your partner in a vulnerable position with hogtied hands and feet or detach the cuffs by unhooking the D-rings and attaching to other restraint systems. The Lux Fetish 5-Piece Hogtie Set features four adjustable cuffs attached to a four-way central O-ring. Strap your lover’s hands and feet into the soft, velvet-lined cuffs that secure with Velcro straps and attach the D-rings to the center O-ring to restrict their limbs to the back of their body, leaving them ready for complete submission.

Design Cuffs fit up to approximately 5 inches (12.7cm) of wrist or ankle diameter.

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